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September 15, 2014 by kwm1800

1.) Minecraft may be be turn into subscription-based game.

The groundwork has been actually going on for a long time since Minecraft Realm was introduced. With recent EULA enforcement, they are successfully destroying a lot of big 3rd party servers. The whole system is ready, and it is just a matter of turning the switch on.


2.) Modding scene will be killed.

I see some of modders are already stopping the work; Microsoft has been very anti-modding from very start, and...
March 29, 2014 by kwm1800
So, I recently moved to another house like 9 months ago.


Well, this house was actually home-office for some high-tech company. Thing is, the company is most likely went bankrupt (quick google search showed that some foreign corporation bought this company's asset, and the date is coincident with the date I moved to the house).


Weird thing is that they did use the change-of-address service from USPS, except they wrote the new address as same as the old address. So I ...
May 17, 2013 by kwm1800
I have a gingerbread android phone (Droid 3). But due to many reasons, I was unable/unwilling to use it with full potential. I have an Ipad too, but I literally use it only when I am doing exercising on a treadmill for web browsing.



But things have changed and I need a new smartphone now. So... after good amount of research and stuffs (wow, just when did Nokia go down? Weren't they no.1 in cellphone world?) I bought Samsung Galaxy S4 32gb Unlocked. It is coming tomorro...
April 22, 2013 by kwm1800


thing is. It just does not make any sense, with gearbox has zero experience with rts games. Or are they going to make fps homeworld?

still I hope for best outcome.
March 10, 2013 by kwm1800
I have a account ended with Yes, it's a decade-old account with password forgotten. The reason I am concerned with this account is that it seems... it is hacked and someone else is using that account.


I've been trying to do anything, like doing password recovery page, visiting local Microsoft office, store, and some phone call to customer support.... none of them are working nor trying to help me.


What I know is, they pretty much closed a way to contac...
August 16, 2012 by kwm1800


As first launch, the software lacks so many essential features, but what made me disrupting is that it seems it can access to my Ubisoft-related profile without asking permission... It did not ask any log-in information, yet somehow it found my account and automatically logged on.


It's like Origin scaning Steam folders for EA games and add them for its own, but I think it is far more aggressive approach.
May 2, 2012 by kwm1800
You just don't answer them at all.



Probably will pick it up when it goes for sale.
April 25, 2012 by kwm1800
DRM is not just a annoying tool for legit customers. Not just a useless method to go against pirates. Not just a features to calm down shareholders and execs.




It is, both unintentionally and intentionally create 'monsters'.




Like Apple with its stronghold on music industry.


Like Amazon which just had 90% share on Ebook market and 75% on all online physical book market a year ago (and fall down to 60%, and about...
February 29, 2012 by kwm1800


So, I realized that I had to wait for 10 years to finally getting proper sequel for Simcity series.


Imagine how much I have to wait for Baldur's Gate 3.....
October 14, 2010 by kwm1800
Disclaimer: I had not played 2009 version.



So far I am impressed. I feel it's easy-version (or you can say negatively, dumbed-down version) of Simcity series. While I miss encountering RCI zoning nightmare and other detailed stuffs which are missing from this game, it has plenty of basics of city builder. Graphics are fine while optimization may need some work (but it is perfectly acceptable.)


How's anyone else's thought?
October 12, 2010 by kwm1800 NOT bugs/glitches on Singleplayer (for console's case), no private match option (for consoles again), not-working server browser (for PC), crappy hit registration and so many things on UI that gone completely wrong and lame....

(well, above problems already made this game garbage as I wrote on previous thread, but..)



It's lack of contents.


Simply, there aren't enough maps and weapons to toy with. There are only 8 maps, and most of them are restricted...
October 4, 2010 by kwm1800

Holy crap, this is prime example of "garbage". And they are charging 60$ for this.


Only saving grace is that they actually managed to optimize their game engine (smoother gameplay than BFBC2), but otherwise if you are buying this game, you are buying it for singleplayer.


No need of asking questions, just download it now and play yourself how bad this game is.
October 28, 2008 by kwm1800
There is virtually NO change in poll since he started an aggressive campaign on PA.

Obama is still leading in double digits, and PA has been blue state for a long time and I really don't think I would see red on the election day.


This is completely waste of time and money; he really needs to focus on Flordia, Ohio, Virginia (I believe he can take back) and for god's sake, North Carolina.

If he can regain/defend these state and get some of west states back (Colorado, New Mexico...
October 25, 2008 by kwm1800
Mr. Silver from wrote a article for McCain.


Well, other than the fact that there is whooping 5% chance to happen (wait, the chance has been lowered to 4.3% today), it is interesting to read. Here are some of my remarks.

1) Yes, he needs to give up PA. Just simply WTF he is doing there?

2) Ah, 'gaining back' (not 'defending' at this point) Virginia and Nor...
September 30, 2008 by kwm1800
(This may be on economic section... but I feel it is more suitable on politics section) Dollar.


As recent incident, it is now really hard for US government and economy to protect the dollar as basic currency.

With recent financial incidents indicate that the value of dollar would further decrease, since US just spent some

good money on saving companies.


Now, with dollar value decreasing, this may change the minds of oil nations and give chance to Euro and/or RMB a...